Patricia Street:     

Monday - Saturday, 10am - 9pm
Sunday, 10am - 8pm

Connaught Drive:     

Sunday - Thursday, 10am - 9pm
Friday - Saturday, 10am - 10pm

Christmas Eve:     Both stores close at 5pm

Christmas Day:     Closed

New Year's Eve:     Both stores close at 9pm

All other days are regular hours unless otherwise specified for special events. 


All our terms and procedures related to shipping and local delivery can be found on our Shipping Policies page.

Contact us with your details at orders@liquorlodge.ca or call at 780-852-2337 and let us send you an estimate. We offer generous discounts and free local delivery for large group orders and corporate events.

The point of our e-commerce website is to sell you the items we have in-store and to make the shopping experience seamless, reliable, and satisfying. If we find that a product you ordered is out of stock, our knowledgeable Customer Service team members will help complete your order by calling you or sending you a direct message. You may always cancel your order if items are found out of stock for some reason after you complete the purchase. If you do not see an item on our site that you wish to purchase, please contact the store and we'll go hunting for you.  Please visit Liquor Connect to see a full list of what's available to be ordered in Alberta.


Please refer to our full privacy policy here

• Our business operates with a class D retail liquor license. The sale of liquor in Alberta is governed by the AGLC and as such we adhere to all policies set forth by this governing body. For specific information on these rules and regulations, please visit: Retail Liquor Store Handbook   http://aglc.ca/pdf/handbooks/retail_liquor_stores.pdf

• The legal drinking age in Alberta is 18 years of age. We ID anyone under 25.

• If you are under the influence of alcohol, it is against the law for us to serve you and we will not do so.

• Minors must be accompanied by an adult into the store.

(780) 852-2337