The Maligne Range Tekarra Whisky

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The Maligne Range is an independent Canadian malt whisky-maker and blender. They distill small batch whiskies that are the vital essence of their expressions. These highly-flavoured whiskies from unique grain bills are the character actors on their whisky stage. They are allowed to age in oak casks for a minimum of 5 years, affected by the capricious Alberta climate. They're then blended with an ensemble cast of blending whiskies – some they distill, others are collaborations with renowned Canadian distilleries. The result is a range of Canadian whiskies that blaze new trails into the remote Western Canadian wilderness of possibility.

Named after Mount Tekarra in Jasper National Park, The Maligne Range Tekarra Whisky is a whisky of unique depth, with a bold 48% ABV. It features a unique grain bill inspired by Imperial Porter that uses a masterful selection of malts – superior pale, crystal, dark crystal, chocolate, and midnight wheat. Rooted in the Canadian one-eleventh rule, Tekarra artfully combines malt barley and the unique addition of demerara, creating a cascade of flavours. Tekarra unveils layers of flavour that suggest complex fruit and candy notes alongside earthy components. This whisky invites you to indulge in a rich, complex experience and a memorable journey.

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